Please Sponsor Us!

Elle, Jo and Jenny will be taking part in this years London to Brighton bike ride for the Royal Marsden!

Please Sponsor Us!

Elle and Jo have a very personal reason to take part this year and that’s because Elle’s Mum Jen and Jo’s Dad, John are currently fighting this nasty disease.

Jen was diagnosed on with a rare stage 3 tumour found in her leg. Jen has shown nothing but strength and positivity and is currently undergoing radiotherapy from The Royal Marsden. Hi Jen – you’ve got this!

John was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer in November 2021 and has shown nothing but how strong and brave he is, even when it’s got pretty tough.

We want to show our parents and all those suffering that we support you and are proud of you but also remember those who just couldn’t win the fight.

PLEASE sponsor us. This will be a huge challenge for us as none of us are riders or particularly into any exercising! But we will do it to help raise vital funds into research and treatment.

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